The fully trained qualified staff in this Salon are here to analyze your hair and recommend which Merlin products should be used regularly here in the Salon and for you to use wherever you happen to be.

Enjoy using your Merlin Products for your hair and skin wherever you are.


Body Support

Weekly Prepping

Crystal Clearifying

Weekly Prepping Power Shampoo


body supportFormulated to give a deep clean and remove any debris that attaches to the hair in time that builds up giving the hair a dull flat look.  Crystal Clearifying used weekly will give you perfectly clean hair and maintain extra shine with a silky finish that is easier to manage.

pH Level 7.5


Inception Super Clean

Weekly Prepping Power Clenzer


A pure and gentle acid balanced power cleanser formulated for hair that is fine to medium textured, also for hair that has been coloured and lightened.  Inception Super Clean used once a week will remove any debris that builds-up causing damage to hair.

pH Level5.6

 Daily Clean

Botanical Plus

Daily Combination Power Shampoo


A combo shampoo that is formulated to moisturize and increase the strength of the hair at the same time with added bonus of treating any mild scalp problems such  as itching and flaking.  Creates smooth shiny hair.

pH Level 5.6


Caltron Protein

Daily Body Support Power Shampoo


A natural protein shampoo for hair that needs added strength owing to colour and lightening services, or hair that is naturally fine and limp.  A great shampoo for not only increasing integrity, it adds extra body for easy shaping with shine.  Helps protect against heat tools.

pH Level5.6


Sapphire Protein (WS)

Daily Body Support Power Clenzer


A high powered natural protein formulated to rebuild naturally very fine and high lift coloured and lightened hair that does not hold. One of the most powerful products available for strengthening the hair.  Result a long lasting finish with shine.

pH Level 6.0

Daily/Weekly Seal

Raspberry Plus

Daily Power Sealer


Our ever popular combo sealer designed for all hair types.  This moisturizing and natural protein product adds  body with moisture for a deep shine with exceptional combability.

pH Level3.8


Prolate Balancing

Daily Body Support Power Sealer


Formulated with natural proteins, this protects the hair against the elements.  A great result when used on naturally fine, limp, coloured and lightened hair. This product is formulated to maintain the hair’s integrity for ease of finish with a deep shine.

pH Level 2.2


Botanical Plus Magnesium

Weekly Body Support Power Sealer


For protecting fine limp hair that lacks natural body.  Also use for protecting coloured and lightened hair.  This product puts back much needed strength to give added body and natural lift with shine.

pH Level 2.5


Daily/Weekly Treat


Central Balance Treatment Pack

Weekly Combination Treatment


A complete power pack for hair. This product delivers all the necessary ingredients hair needs from just a minor boost or a complete revitalizing service.  You will love this pack for the difference it makes to tired looking hair.

pH Level 3.8


Multiplex Leave-in Vitamin

Daily Combination Treatment


This leave-in vitamin Treatment is formulated for hair that has a tendency to tangle.  This product will release tangles on all hair types and adds much needed vitamins to add body, to increase texture especially on fine textured hair.  Also protects against all heat appliances.

pH Level 5.5


Prolate 15 Reconstructing

Weekly Body Support Treatment


A reconditioning treatment for all hair types that need natural protein to strengthen for longer lasting style with shine. Formulated to put back  what every day wear takes out, and also puts back everything the hair needs when it has been coloured and lightened.

pH level 5.6



Proline 30 Rebuilding

Weekly Support Treatment


This full power natural protein product will rebuild your hair giving a massive amount of body to naturally weak hair and especially good for replacing lost protein due to colouring and lightening services.  A must product for the person who wants extra body, volume and shine.

pH Level 4.5